The South Surrey White Rock Community Receives a Green Light to Move Forward on an Innovative and Creative Partnership in Health Promotion

South Surrey White Rock B.C. – The residents of South Surrey White Rock will be the beneficiaries of a unique and innovative health promotion project. Thanks to a partnership with the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation (PAHF), Innovative Fitness White Rock, and Sport for Life Society, the community will experience a groundbreaking investment into their health and wellbeing.

Curtis Christopherson, Innovative Fitness’s first franchisee owner, said, “Here at IFWR we support initiatives that align with our core values. We are committed to the education, training and mentorship of this project as it leads to a healthier community. By encouraging and supporting active living, health promotion and participation in physical activity and sports we can expect longevity of all ages being active for life.”

“Our Foundation’s vision is that the community served by Peace Arch Hospital will be the healthiest community possible through working alongside equally passionate and committed community stakeholders and organizations. By partnering with Sport for Life we will positively impact the overall health of our community,” said the PAHF Board of Directors Chairperson, Siobhan Philips.

The PAHF is committed long term to this project of five years. They are dedicated to investing in a healthy community where people are committed to physical, social and mental well-being. Executive Director of the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, Stephanie Beck, shared, “With Sport for Life’s vision of collaboration, inclusion, passion and innovation, all ages will have access to achieve sporting excellence and optimal health.”

The project goals are to see 33,000 children, youth, adults and seniors increase their confidence, competence, and motivation to be physically Active for Life.

“Physical activity is a lot more fun when we’re physically literate. If we want to be active for life, we need to develop physical literacy in all ages. We are very excited to be working together with school teachers, coaches, recreation professionals and health practitioners to provide them with access to a wide range of resources that can help people become physically literate,” stated Drew Mitchell, Director of Physical Literacy with Sport for Life.

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