Tips for Parents: Help your child get the most out of their sport experience.

A family is playing tag and running along the waters edge of the lake. They are smiling and looking at the camera.

  1. Talk to your child about their interests.

    Find out what physical activities or sports appeal to them.

  2. Recognize and respect your child’s reasons for playing a sport or practicing a physical activity.

    They might want to compete for medals and titles, or they might simply want to have fun and socialize through activity.

  3. Be positive when supporting your child, regardless of results.

    Research has shown that children retreat from activity when their parents become demanding about results!

  4. Support your child’s activities as a parent, not as a 24-hour coach.

    Your role is to assist with transportation, good nutrition, rest and balanced lifestyle.

  5. Support your child’s coaches and instructors.

    If you have questions or concerns other than physical safety, approach them when they are not busy coaching or instructing.

  6. Educate yourself on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits for your child.

    Consult sport and health websites, books, magazines and videos, and ask your child’s coach or instructor for guidance.

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