Physical Literacy for Communities – Ontario

Sport for Life has developed a world-leading approach called Physical Literacy for Communities (PL4C), a proven process that meets communities where they are at in supporting and empowering local leaders to shift social norms and attitudes, and create active societies. The mission is to increase physical activity through the collective development of physical literacy, resulting in a more active and healthy society. To create change, PL4C builds a coalition of people passionate to lead physical literacy forward within their communities. These leadership groups are typically comprised of representatives in the sport, health and education sectors. Other participants engaged at the table include community leaders, religious and faith-based groups, NGOs, interested businesses, early childhood educators and the media. This coalition creates a strategic vision specific to their community. They build out a mission which is based on educating the community, then training the community program leaders so that they’re self-sufficient and can work with the coalition to sustain the change.

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