Physical Literacy for Life Female FUNdamentals

Consistent evidence exists of a gender imbalance between level of involvement in sport and physical activity by girls as compared to boys, and of a more substantial drop in participation rate by girls than boys as children approach adolescence.  Through a more thorough investigation into why this drop-off was occurring and the strategies that could be employed to change the outcome, an intervention was developed. The intervention included a focus on training leaders of girls programs (primarily men) to consider the social and emotional needs of girls and the creation of supportive environments for girls. 

This project will involve the training of community coaches and leaders on the specific needs of girls (ages 8-12 years) in order to better engage and retain female participants in sport and physical activity, within inclusive, quality sport and physical activity environments. This project will take place over an eight month period and will target 4 clubs/locations in the Greater Victoria region. The goal is to improve the experience of girls in sport and physical activity programming, to lead to more sustained participation throughout their lifespan.

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