Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester is a strength and conditioning coach from Winnipeg, Manitoba specializing in youth athletes.  Richard has spent his entire 14-year career working with youth athletes age 5-18.  This experience also includes 5 years experience working athletes at the University of Manitoba and the Grande Prairie Regional College.  Furthermore, Richard recently spent 4 years living in New Zealand.  During this time in New Zealand, Richard worked as a youth physical literacy coach, as well as a speed and power coach for an International Rugby Academy and a Netball Academy.

Additionally, Richard is currently pursuing his PhD at The Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), with a Thesis titled Sprint characteristics in youth female athletes across maturation. His mission is to take his life experience as an athlete and his career experience in strength and conditioning, in order to teach youth athletes how to move and be prepared for long term sport and physical activity.