Richard Way

Richard is the CEO of the Sport for Life Society and an architect of the Long-Term Development Framework. Richard has facilitated the use of Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity for over 60 sports in more than 100 countries, and co-authored the book, Long-Term Development, with Istvan Balyi and Dr. Colin Higgs. Throughout his career, Richard has been an innovative leader, a catalyst for advancing quality sport and developing physical literacy; throughout the course of his career, he has contributed to more than 100 resources on sport and physical literacy development. Under Richard’s leadership, the Sport for Life team was awarded the Canadian Medical Association’s national Award for Excellence in Health Promotion, and more recently, the team was a finalist in the Global Design Challenge to find solutions to the challenges faced in sport and physical activity due to COVID-19. Richard is a founding member of the International Physical Literacy Association. Additionally, he has served as the Director of Sport for Vancouver’s successful 2010 Winter Olympic Games Bid Corporation, a commission member of the International Luge Federation, and a Board member of the Canadian Luge Association. Richard is the founder of the Calgary Luge Club and the B.C. Luge Association; he represented Canada in nine natural Luge World Championships and was an All-Canadian West in soccer for the University of Calgary. He is a proud father to three sporty young adults.

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