Sylvie Béliveau

Sylvie Béliveau is an important female figure in soccer at the Canadian and International levels and in the sport world in general. She has coached teams at all levels including the Canadian Senior Women’s National Soccer Team. For several years, Sylvie has given her technical expertise and time to many different sport organizations, including the Quebec Soccer Federation, Canada Soccer, FIFA, CAAWS and others. 

Sylvie’s knowledge of developmental principles especially LTD (Long Term Development), coach development and training, and sport administration, has contributed towards her in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Sport System.

Sylvie has played a significant role as a Board Member of CAAWS. She is also a founding member and presently Vice President of Egale Action, an organization that promotes the participation, retention and advancement of women in sport in the province of Quebec.  Sylvie is now the Senior Advisor, Varsity Program, at McGill University for The Women in Sport Initiative.

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