Sport for Life Announces 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

The Sport for Life Society is pleased to announce the release of its 2018-2020 strategic plan. The new plan focuses on increasing expertise and advancing quality sport and physical literacy for Indigenous populations, persons with a disability, women and girls, and newcomers to Canada.

Sport for Life is committed to providing expertise to change programming from the national to the local level resulting in people having better experience in sport and physical activity. To achieve this, the new strategic plan focuses on creating, sharing, and mobilizing knowledge, which acts as a catalyst for governments, institutions, and organizations to improve programs and services.

“Since establishing as a non-profit society in 2014, Sport for Life has made incredible headway in the advancement of quality sport and physical activity,” said Richard Way, Sport for Life Chief Executive Officer. “Sport for Life believes that to truly build quality sport and physical literacy, no one can be left behind. The strategic plan was motivated by a desire to further the organization’s impact through collaboration with new and existing partners.”

Sport for Life seeks to advance its principles and programs on all continents as a means of contributing to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and furthering Canada’s contribution to the world while generating resources that help sustain the organization. By thinking globally and acting locally, Sport for Life aims to activate change in communities and organizations.

“Our success is the success of our partners and stakeholders,” said Wendy Pattenden, Chair of the Sport for Life Board of Directors. “Success can only be achieved when we work together.”

View the 2018-2020 Sport for Life Strategic Plan.

Sport for Life Society

The Sport for Life Society is recognized as the global experts on the Canadian Sport for Life Movement, Long-Term Athlete Development, and physical literacy development. The purpose of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement is to improve the quality of sport and develop physical literacy. Sport for Life links sport, education, recreation, health and governments to align community, provincial, and national programming. Long-Term Athlete Development is a multistage training, competition and recovery framework guiding an individual’s pathway through sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility to be active for life.Sport for Life, as a social enterprise using Long-Term Athlete Development and physical literacy, works to be a catalyst for positive change.

For more information, contact:
Tyler Laing
Communications Coordinator, Sport for Life Society

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