Sport for Life receives national award for excellence in health promotion

Victoria, B.C. – In its efforts to promote quality sport and physical literacy development throughout Canada, the Sport for Life Society has been recognized by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Each year the CMA honours those outside the health sector for activities and initiatives that have contributed to improvements in the health and wellness of Canadians by granting its Award for Excellence in Health Promotion.

The Sport for Life Society aims to bridge the sport, recreation, health and education sectors through the development of physical literacy and the improved quality of sport. By developing the confidence, competence and motivation to pursue physical activity, people are more likely to pursue excellence in sport and live active, healthy lives. The physical literacy movement is a catalyst to combat the inactivity epidemic, and Sport for Life works closely with national organizations and community groups throughout Canada to help them deliver sustainable physical literacy programming and improve the health and achievements of their citizens.

In the words of the CMA, recipients of this award demonstrate a firm commitment to health promotion through specific actions and initiatives; exemplify creativity and leadership in taking action to improve and promote health; and bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long-term improvement in the health of Canadians.

“We are honoured to be recognized by the CMA for our contributions to the health and wellness of Canadians. Physical literacy is the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles and we have worked tirelessly over the past 12 years to introduce and move this concept forward in Canada. It has been hard but rewarding work, and we are grateful to the many partners and collaborators across the country that have amplified this work to the point that physical literacy is becoming part of our vernacular – and that we receive this type of recognition,” said Richard Way, CEO of Sport for Life Society on hearing of this award.

Sport for Life Society

The Sport for Life Society is recognized as the global experts on the Canadian Sport for Life Movement, Long-Term Athlete Development, and physical literacy development. The purpose of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement is to improve the quality of sport and develop physical literacy. Sport for Life links sport, education, recreation, health and governments to align community, provincial, and national programming. Long-Term Athlete Development is a multistage training, competition and recovery framework guiding an individual’s pathway through sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood. Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility to be active for life. Sport for Life, as a social enterprise using Long-Term Athlete Development and physical literacy, works to be a catalyst for positive change.

For more information contact:
Tyler Laing
Communications Coordinator, Sport for Life Society

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