Children from

Physical Literacy Curriculum Development in Andhra Pradesh

Children from Andhra Pradesh

Sport for Life (Canada) in conjunction with Training Excellence and Sports for Life India are revamping the physical education curriculum for the state of Andhra Pradesh. Physical literacy is the main focus with movement, happiness, and success being the by-products. Sport for Life will provide lesson plans, a teacher trainer workshop guide, and a parent workshop guide to be conducted by physical literacy master trainers in Andhra Pradesh. A Sport for Life Canadian team travelled to Andhra Pradesh in May to provide a week long training session in the area of physical literacy to over 600 physical education teachers. In the upcoming school year approximately 64 000 private and public schools will be incorporating this new physical literacy curriculum in their physical education classes.


Create a physical literacy curriculum and lesson plans for physical education teachers to deliver to students in grades 1 to 10.

Targets Groups

Physical education teachers
Students in grades 1 to 10

Expected Results

1. Over 64 000 schools in Andhra Pradesh will be participating in the new physical literacy curriculum.
2. Students will show increased participation, enjoyment, and success in all aspects of physical literacy in the school environment.
3. Students will have increased participation in voluntary physical activity.
4. The physical literacy program will improve student’s overall health and happiness and success.

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