St-Lucia National Olympic Committee

A program to introduce key leaders in Saint Lucia to the foundation concepts of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and a plan to engage stakeholders (sport policy makers, key leaders, technical experts) in the development of a Legacy Plan to ensure the growth of sport in the country. This sport plan or “blueprint” will guide the development of a national strategy and strong sport system in Saint Lucia as it looks ahead of hosting.


Re-directing sport leaders and policy makers to ensure the longer term participation of Saint Lucians in sport and physical activity.

Targets Groups

Children to elder

Expected Result

1. Understanding and application of key Long-Term Athlete Development and Sport for Life concepts
2. Key leader buy-in to development a national sport plan
3. Creation of a national steering committee
4. Clear national plan for sport
5. Strong national sport system
6. Development of sport specific Long-Term Athlete Development frameworks
7. Increase coach development program
8. Align system training and competition
9. Increase participation by Saint Lucians in sport and physical literacy

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