Sport for Life offers a range of services that are meant to educate our audience and help them to deliver quality sport and physical literacy programming, and implement Sport for Life principles within their organizations, clubs and communities.

  • Campus – Sport for Life offers web-based learning through our online campus where courses are available anywhere, anytime. The self-paced learning in the courses enables participants to learn at the rate best for them. There is no geographic limitation, travel, or need to take time away from work to complete the courses. Start or continue your learning about physical literacy, quality sport, and long-term athlete development by visiting the online campus.
  • Physical Literacy Instructor Program – The Sport for Life Society, Coaching Association of Canada, and HIGH FIVE® have come together to support recreation leaders, coaches, and others in becoming a Physical Literacy Instructor. The Physical Literacy Instructor Program is a blended e-learning and in-person training experience that provides the opportunity for an individual to become a recognized Physical Literacy Instructor.
  • Leaders School– Sport for Life Leaders School is a catalyst for learning, growth, and the creation of exciting new projects by supporting the personal learning and development of community leaders as they integrate quality sport and physical literacy into their communities.
  • Webinars– Sport for Life webinars highlight research, best practices, and experiences that will support various audiences as they deliver quality sport and physical literacy programming.
  • Workshops– Sport for Life workshops have been carefully crafted to activate quality sport and physical activity delivery highlighting best practices, research, and the experience of our experts. They are an excellent way to educate, motivate, and inspire action amongst a specific group of individuals from the community at large.

Our Sport for Life experts deliver quality education services and will ensure you receive the appropriate support to advance quality sport and physical literacy programming in your field.