Competition Review & Restructuring – Advanced (full-day)

Advanced Competition Review & Restructuring is available in a full-day format for NSO workgroups that are already in place and ready to get to work. Groups must be familiar with the Competition Review project, and at least on group member must have attended a half-day Competition Review & Restructuring workshop already.

This workshop will focus on the application of Competition Review tools and will explain how to use them effectively within the NSO context. There will be many opportunities to work closely with the workshop Leader in areas such as data gathering and analysis, the relationship between the Skills Matrix and Competition Restructuring, and methods of identifying performance gaps in the athlete development pathway. By the end of the Mini-Summit the group will have a focused project plan with in-depth understanding of the work to be done at each phase of the Competition Review & Restructuring project.


  • A fully formed NSO workgroup is in place and ready to work
  • At least one member of the group attending this session has also attended Competition Review & Restructuring (half-day).

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