Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway (full day)

The Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway resource and Supporting Indigenous Participation workshop is designed to help sport and physical activity leaders and organizations across Canada enhance their understanding about how to support Indigenous participants and athletes in their programming. The workshop will spend time developing an appreciation of Indigenous culture, and how that culture plays out in terms of engagement and sustained participation through the sport system. It will outline the key elements that need to be considered when planning, developing, and implementing programs for and with Indigenous peoples and communities, including a focus on supporting the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural needs of the individual to maximize their experience in sport and physical activity. The workshop will focus on how we can adjust the competition pathway and some of the policies within the system to ensure that we create a clearer pathway for Indigenous participants and athletes
Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Increased cultural awareness and understanding about our shared history as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada, through participation in the KAIROS Blanket Exercise
  • Increased understanding of the Indigenous and mainstream systems in Canada
  • Ideas to support participants’ physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural needs
  • Tools and an action plan to better support Indigenous participants in programs
  • A certificate of workshop completion and 3 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Professional Development (PD) points (if applicable)

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