The goal is to enrich the lives of children.

Founded in 2009, QuaverEd is an education technology company that aims to reach children through state-of-the-art digital resources. They specialize in innovative curricula for elementary schools across North America and around the world. Their most recent curriculum offering, QuaverHealth•PE, engages thousands of students and teachers in physical literacy. 

Featuring interactive games, movement-based activities, and assessments that support state and national standards in the U.S.A., QuaverHealth•PE brings physical literacy to life with song-based, interactive, and accessible resources that help every student grow stronger bodies and minds. 

“QuaverEd has been at the forefront of elementary resources for more than a decade,” said Vice President Susannah Kvasnicka. “Our family of curricula (QuaverMusic, QuaverReady, QuaverHealth•PE, and Quaver Pre-K) reach today’s students with critical tools to help them succeed. We launched QuaverHealth•PE a few years ago to fill the gap in PE/Health resources. Every student should learn healthy habits and believe movement matters in their lives. We’re excited to share our work in promoting physical literacy at this year’s International Physical Literacy Conference.” 

When administrators purchase a QuaverHealth•PE, they receive support for the whole school. 

“Promoting physical literacy doesn’t end with the bell. QuvaerHealth•PE provides community resources and encourages parent engagement. Health and PE lessons are in one place, making it easy to create a consistent learning environment for the entire school community,” said Kvasnicka.

QuaverEd also provides world-class teacher supports for everyone involved in the classroom. Professional development, implementation support, curriculum training,  customer service and more accompany every license. Their curricula are available in all 50 states and 44 countries, impacting over 10 million students since its music-based education was introduced.

QuaverEd is a Diamond sponsor of the International Physical Literacy Conference. To learn more, visit

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