What does it mean to accomplish health for all?

This year on April 7, there will be a global celebration of the 75th anniversary of World Health Day – which was first observed in 1949 and marks the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO). Each year the organization chooses a different theme selected by WHO’s Director-General, and this year’s is Health for All.

As the global population bounces back from the multi-year COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a worthy time to reflect on what health means to us, and how we can create a healthier society. At Sport for Life, we believe that keeping people engaged in quality sport and physical literacy opportunities is one of the best ways to ensure the population is healthy and active long-term. There are a myriad of benefits to making a commitment to leaving sedentary lifestyles behind, including the impact it has on mental health.

“I think this pandemic really forced a lot of people to reconsider basic choices in their lifestyles, and being cooped up at home helped people appreciate the benefits of going outside and moving their bodies. Physical activity has been repeatedly proven to lead to positive health outcomes, which is why I believe the best way to celebrate World Health Day is to find a pleasurable way to engage yourself physically, maybe with friends and family,” said Kabir Hosein, Sport for Life’s Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives.

“Personally, members of my family enjoy sports such as soccer, but getting active could be something as simple as walking around your neighbourhood or taking your children to the playground. Now that we have the freedom to get outside and we’re not dealing with pandemic restrictions anymore, it’s a great time to take advantage of what the world has to offer.”

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