First Contact stage changed to First Involvement

As Sport for Life worked with Aboriginal peoples over the past few years, it came to light that the term First Contact had negative connotations within their cultures. In the spirit of Kaizen (continuous improvement), Sport for Life engaged Aboriginal leaders and leaders in disability sport across Canada to get suggestions on what an appropriate…
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How I Endorsed Canada’s Physical Literacy Consensus Statement

By Gary Shelton Are you a Canadian physical literacy champion like me? If so, you hopefully participated in the effort to unite Canadians behind a single physical literacy definition. You’ll also hopefully know about the presentation of the “Vancouver Declaration on Physical Literacy” at the International Physical Literacy Conference 2015 (IPLC2015) on June 14, 2015. Maybe…
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Engaging girls in sport– advice for parents and family

Women and girls report more barriers to sport  participation than men and boys, which affects their involvement and therefore  health. Here are some ways parents can support their daughters in staying involved in a physically active lifestyle. Invest time to learn about the psycho-social factors influencing women and girls, and how to reduce the barriers…
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