Long-Term Athlete Development Divison

Engaging a dedicated team of experts, we:
  1. Provide guidance and Long-Term Athlete Development expertise to National Sport Organizations and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations to embed quality sport within the Canadian Sport System
  2. Activate quality sport knowledge in all Long-Term Athlete Development stages within national, provincial/territorial and local sport programs.
  3. Improve sport system alignment by supporting policies reinforcing progressive Long-Term Athlete Development pathways for sport development.
Our direction and initiatives are guided by a number of groups:

This committee serves to provide advice to the Sport for Life Society and the Long-Term Athlete Development Division  on proving service in the Canadian Sport System to advance and increase quality sport and long-term athlete development.

The Committee will total approximately 12 members. The make-up of the group considers balanced representation in the areas of, individual vs. team sport, winter vs summer,  gender, ethnicity and age. The committee currently consists of:

  • 3 National Sport Organizations - (with representation from winter, summer, team, individual, and a smaller capacity National Sport Organization) James Sneddon (summer team sport), Anna Mees (summer individual sport), Meredith Gardner (winter individual sport).
  • 2 Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations - (representing one smaller province/territory and a big province) Matt Kennedy of Boxing Ontario and 1 vacant seat
  • 1 Long-Term Athlete Development Expert - Vicki Harber
  • 2 Multisport Service Organizations -  Debra Gassewitz of Sport Information Resource Centre and Peter Niedre of the Coaching Association of Canada
  • 2 Federal and Provincial/Territorial Sport Development Representatives – (One federal and one provincial/territorial) Corey Beard of Sport Canada and Aaron Nutting of Government of  Nova Scotia
  • 1 Local Sport Organization - 1 vacant seat
  • The Director of Long-Term Athlete Development Division (Chair) - Carolyn Trono

The Committee meets at least four times per year via conference call and face-to-face meetings. Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development Division uses the expertise, advice and creative solutions put forward by the Committee for planning, budgeting and action. To view the Terms of Reference click here.

To view summaries of discussion at previous meetings please follow the links below:

We welcome topic suggestions from the sports community.

The Long-Term Athlete Development Division is involved in many initiatives aimed at working with the sport community to improve the quality of sport in Canada. In 2017-2018 and continuing into 2019-2020, Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development Division will continue to work with National Sport Organizations on key initiatives including but not limited to:

The Long-Term Athlete Development Progress Tracker was developed as a data collection tool for Long-Term Athlete Development progress and implementation by National Sport Organizations.

The tool establishes a rapid, yet thorough, overall view of Long-Term Athlete Development implementation via the use of sport dashboards and succinct reports. It serves three main functions:

  • Assists National Sport Organizations in their ongoing planning and implementation of quality sport by creating a cloud-based central repository for Long-Term Athlete Development products (such as as Long-Term Athlete Development Frameworks, competition reviews, Athlete with a Disability Frameworks, etc.).
  • Informs National Sport Organizations, Long-Term Athlete Development Experts, and Sport Canada as to where assistance is needed to advance quality sport in Canada.
  • Supports better sport system alignment by informing recommendations for collaboration and coordination with National Sport Organizations and sport system partners including but not limited to Coaching Association of Canada, Sport Canada, Own the Podium, and Provincial and Territorial Governments.

The project around the tool was envisioned as a 4 phase process. We have currently completed the lengthy first phase of system design and data collection, and have moved to the next phase of data analysis, provision of services and refinement of the Progress Tracker System.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here.
Recording of the Progress Tracker Tutorial Webinar can be found here.

Based on individual National Sport Organization Long-Term Athlete Development Progress Tracker reports, Long-Term Athlete Development experts have been working with a number of National Sport Organizations to complete foundational documents identified in ‘Shaping the Ideal National Sport Organization’ (link) and to move beyond a document to impacting the development and delivery of Long-Term Athlete Development/Quality Sport Programming on the field of play. Activation Plans are a multi-year guide to steer focus efforts over a number of years.  

Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development Division will be providing some expert service to National Sport Organizations with an Activation Plan.

Upcoming Events

September 18, 2018- Building Resilience in Your Athlete: An Introductory Webinar (Register here)

January 22, 2019 - Long-Term Athlete Development Leads Day

January 23-24, 2019 - Sport for Life Summit

Contact Information

For information on Long-Term Athlete Development services, the Long-Term Athlete Development Progress Tracker, and topics or suggestions for the Long-Term Athlete Development Advisory Group, contact Carolyn Trono at carolyn@sportforlife.ca or Sarah Blézy at sarah@sportforlife.ca.